Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Things I'm Lusting After

Are material objects. Look who's shallow!

Stuff I want

Stuff I want - by ameliaantoinette on

Let's start in the top-left corner and go clockwise.

The fluffy white jacket. I want a big, obnoxious jacket, covered in feathers, to wear when I want to make a big entrance. I've seen several movies lately in which jackets like these are worn by early 20th century prostitutes (who were quite glamourous, or are depicted that way in movies, at least) and that's probably what got them in my mind. I mean, what screams sexy, dramatic confidence like a big feathery jacket?

Now that I think of it, full-out nudity might be sexy, and would definatly be dramatic, but encouraging nudity kind of defeats the purpose of having a fashion blog...

Next, the cloche. Have you ever noticed that women in the 20s all seemed to have precious little round faces? There's no way that everyone alive in that decade had the same facial structure. So how was this illusion created? I'm pretty sure it was the hats. A cloche covers your face until just above your eyes, creating the illusion that your face is smaller than it is. Not that I don't like my oval-shaped face, but it'd be nice to take a break now and then, and try looking different.

Now, the striped dress. When I was about 10 years old, I had this red and white striped dress that I absolutly adored. I wore it as long as it fit me, and for a little while after that, until I was forced to give it up because I'd reached that awkward all-legs stage, when everything looked far too short on me. The point of all this is to say that I want another dress like that. I love stripes and I want to be covered in them. (Did you ever read A Bad Case of Stripes? It's a children's book that I loved, though it scared me. The lead character, Camilla, comes down with a disease that causes her to be physically covered in patterns. When I said that I wanted to be covered in stripes, I half expected it to happen, and then I remembered this book.)

And the saddle oxfords. They're wonderful. I think that if I had a pair, I'd wear them everywhere, even to bed.

Last of all, the window. I've been wanting a window box for some time now, but my mother is opposed to them for one reason or another. But doesn't opening your window shutters in the morning (because if you have a window box, of COURSE you have working shutters!) and being greeted by your very own collection of blossoms sound appealing? I think so.

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