Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas to All...

Here's my family Christmas party outfit for this year. I read an article in Nylon Magazine last year about wearing a big bow on your head to your family Christmas party, and I liked the idea, so I started with the bow, and worked the rest of the outfit out from there. I was also intent upon working the sparkly vest in, as I bought it just for the holiday season. Enjoy!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Oh We Love SNOW BIZ!

So, this post is about two weeks late, and for that I appologize. I could run down my list of excuses here, but that would be a waste of your time.

On December 10, 2008, South Louisiana was abuzz with one word:

Snow. Snow? Snow!

It never snows here. The last (and only) South Louisiana snowfall during my lifetime was on Christmas day, 2004. We had an inch or two, and the whole day was coated with magic. But that old Christmas memory was nothing compared to what happened on December 11.

At 6:30, I sat at my kitchen table, eating organic chocolate yogurt and studying up for that Chemistry test (which I didn't want to take) when my dad pointed out of the window and cried:

I looked, and saw my front yard flecked with snowflakes. Bright and clean, light and wonderful snowflakes. I threw down my textbook (but not my yogurt, because it would've gotten everywhere, and that'd be gross) and ran outside, half crying and half screaming. I wanted to scream "IT'S SNOWING!" but I was feeling too emotional to form actual words, so instead I screamed something like "AHAHAHAHAHHLLHKODKHHA!" and woke up all of my neighbors.

Here I am when the snow had just begun to fall. Something about the lighting of this picture makes my yard look eerily picturesque. For some reason, it reminds me of Willie Loman's backyard in the VHS version of Death of a Salesman... but this is irrelevant. Back to snow.

After a few minutes of running around in glee, I headed off to school. My bus driver drove up (yes, I take the bus, and yes, I know that's lame) with his windsheild almost burried in snow.

Have you ever noticed how even the most ordinary things, like a school bus, look beautiful covered in snow?

Our school's administration was not very well equipped for the snowy day, never having had to face one before. They decided that to keep things safe, they would make snow ball fighting punishable by suspension. So what do you think was the first thing I did when I got to school?


You've never lived until you've seen a bunch of southern kids playing in the snow. We're all so excited and happy. It's a beautiful thing.

It was funny seeing how people tried to dress for the snow. No one around here has snowsuits, so most people just bundled up in lots of jackets. Others, however, simply wore thin hoodies and claimed "I'm not cold." I was greeted with a lot of shock for wearing a skirt, but I was also wearing those American Apparel knee highs over nylon leggings, which kept my legs ridiculously warm. Those who have never worn American Apparel knee highs just don't know how warm they are.

See? I felt pretty snuggly. But maybe it was those bright yellow earmuffs that kept me warm. I love those things! I purchased them for 50 cents on the hottest day of summer, and they've since done me a lot of good.

Anyway, I hope you've enjoyed reading about my magical snow day. And to those of you who have it on a regular basis, enjoy your snow!


Friday, December 19, 2008

In my good times, there were always golden rocks to throw

Lately, it seems as though my life has been incredibly crazy. I've been finicky with everyone, exams are taking up all of my time, late assignments are causing temporarily terrible grades, and holiday projects are making me nauseated.

But sometimes, all I have to do is put together a nice outfit, and then my mood heightens. I feel happier when I know that I'm wearing something adorable, and it is appreciated by others. I know it sounds incredibly superficial to say that clothes give me hope, but it's my own philosophy and I like it.

skirt: gap/ shirt: thrifted/ scarf: mom's

This was on a Tuesday. I woke up in a bad mood due to a horrible night's sleep and to the fact of an algebra test I was not particularly looking forward to. However, I put on this outfit and I miraculously felt better. I went to school practically skipping and spent the entire day in a very cheery mood. I aced my algebra test, too.

skirt: old uniform/ shirt: gift/ hat: ren fest/ jewelry: inherited & ren fest

I had attempted to actually look pretty this day because I was going to a housewarming party. I think I pulled off the task quite well, don't you? This happens to be my new favorite outfit because a girl in my class told me that I was too fashionable for Louisiana (which I found to be a compliment of the highest caliber).

So maybe I am just a slave to my own clothing and maybe I am totally materialistic. But anything to make you happy, right?


Saturday, December 13, 2008

Neutral Pattern [Hotel]

I apologize for the horrible attempt at a title. But it really should not matter, considering I am actually posting a blog. I haven't been keeping up with this blog as much as my other half has. She's wonder woman, I swear to you.

Anyway, let us continue on with the topic. Neutral patterns. Now, I know what you're thinking. "Neutral patterns? Impossible!" Well, guess what? It is in fact possible. You just have to know how to do it correctly. Let's begin, shall we?

Pinstripe. The minimal stripes are practically invisible from afar. This gives you ample opportunity to go crazy with other patterns.

Calico. This is a small dusty floral that is most commonly in a blue hue. The flowers are small and blend in with the background. However, this is a bit more difficult to mix than others. So, be careful!
Glen plaid. Like pinstripe, it's practically not even a pattern. Very subtle, indeed. Have fun experimenting.

Leopard print. This is the most dangerous neutral print of them all. The brown of it compliments well with various other patterns. But be incredibly careful when wearing this pattern!

Here are some examples:

Pattern Mixing by ChloeWarhol

Notice how on the first, the leopard print is a subtle addition to the outfit. Like I said, you have to be careful with it. Wearing a scarf, hat, or bag with the leopard print would be exceptional, too.

On the second outfit, I added a bland scarf, stocking, and shoes. This takes some of the clash away from the top and the skirt.

I hope this was helpful!

- Chloe.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Marie Antoinette

I have a strange fixation with Marie Antoinette, so, needless to say, Sophia Coppola's Marie Antoinette is one of my favorite movies, not so much from the plot perspective, but definatly from the aesthetic side of things. The outfits, scenery and food in this movie really make me drool. I'm also very fond of the soundtrack. Whenever I'm going to a party, I listen to the Hong Kong Garden by Siouxsie and the Banshees, hoping that my night will turn out as magically as the party scene in Coppola's movie does.

marie antoinette by ameliaantoinette

Ah, the teacups, the chapagne, the square cut trees of Versaille, even though her country was in political turmoil, and she ended up in the guillotine, sometimes I just can't help but envy her.

Here is a picture of my Marie Antoinette Halloween costume.

I wish I had had more feathers for my hair, but, alas, I only had a small tuft. We were in the middle of a production of Our Town the week of Halloween, so I didn't get to work on this costume as much as I would have liked to. However, my hair did make the fluffy bouffant all on its own, no hairspray required. Sometimes having voluminous hair does come in handy!


Sunday, November 30, 2008

Blatant Pattern Mixing, Here We Go!

The following outfit consists of vertical stripes, plaid, and houndstooth. I'm of the opinion that it's alright to mix patterns, as long as you keep things in the same color range.

See? It can be done. This isn't ATROCIOUS, now is it?

This next example involves horizontal stripes and plaid. The stripes, however, are mostly hidden under a sweater. Otherwise, I think, this combination may have been a little overwhelming.

I'd like to apologize to all for my lack of modeling skill. Don't worry, I'm not auditioning for ANTM anytime soon.


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ahh, the good old days...

I was browsing through some of my friends' old facebook pictures, and I found this one, taken at a cast party during my freshmen year.

Say what you will about this outfit, I'm proud of it. Freshmen year, when most people are trying their hardest to look like everyone else, here I was with my silly hodge podges of layer, color and fabric. And yes, the eyeshadow matching the leggings may be a bit much, but one learns from experience, right? And while these days my outfits have gone in a more "sweater-vest and glasses clad nerd girl" direction (I'm trying to avoid the use of "geek chic" here because it upsets my dear friend Camille), I think I'm still evoking that "don't put ME in the corner" attitude.

Speaking of sweater vests and glasses, I've been meaning to post some pictures of what I've been wearing lately, so here goes.

Silly me! My stripey sweater makes me blend right in with those colorful calandars on the wall behind me. I really liked this outfit because

a) It was comfy and warm


b) The day that i wore ended up being one of the best days I've had this school year, and I'm having a fun year, so that says something.

This "dress" I'm wearing is actually a rather long knit skirt I inherited from my Great Grandmother. Pulling it up and belting it created a nice, swingy effect. Plus, because the fabric was so thick, it was nice and warm. It was an all-around fun wear.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Smart Girl

The movie Smart People (2008) was not my favorite. This may have been due to the lack of a likeable character, or the fact that it was labled a comedy, yet only one line in the entire movie made me laugh (what's it like being stupid?) Or it could have been the creepy sex between Sarah Jessica Parker and Dennis Quaid.

However, I didn't regret watching this movie for two reasons:

1. The pleasant acoustic guitar soundtrack throughout and

2. Ellen Page's adorable wardrobe.

Page plays Vanessa, a neurotic, overbearing, friendless high school senior, whose time is spent campaingning for her "young republicans" group and studying for the SAT. The usually modest Vanessa's outfits consist typically of long skirts, turtlenecks and sweaters, appropriate for the movie's cold weather setting, and for her conservative nature. I know this description is probably conjuring up images of old librarians in your mind, but Page does it right. Observe:

I'm going to attempt to emulate her look throughout the winter. I've just inherited a HECKLOAD of really excellent vintage sweaters from my great grandmother, so i have a lot of tools to work with. I'll be posting pictures of my attemps.


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Can’t repeat the past? Why of course you can!

For our AP English class, we were required to read The Great Gatsby. Unlike most of the other students in our classes, we both thoroughly enjoyed this fantastic piece of literature. Not only did it include some of the most well written character development I've ever read, but it was a great period piece (now, I do, in fact, realize that it was written in said period. But even to this day, it continues to remain a classic).

However, being the fashion-crazed girl I am, I could not help but notice the clothing sported by the characters in the book and the movie (which, by the way, was terrible). Something about the elegance of elbow-length gloves and fancy cigarette holders was completely alluring.

Now, despite the appeal of these outfits, the actual labor of producing one would wear tired after a day or two, don't you think? The hair and make-up alone would take up to an hour. I don't know about you, but I don't have the time (or patience) for all of that gussying up. Not to mention that full flapper clothing would become such a costume.

So it made me think. How would one interpret such a style into a modern-day ensemble? Well, here we go.
Corset top. This brings an alternative to a loose-fitting trapeze-y dress. (I found this top for $7.00. It's quite a steal, too).

You have to have some movement in any flapper outfit. Thus the airy skirt.

Black pumps (with the gold accents-- nice) are timeless.

Feathered headbands are what you can get away with.

If you happen to have the time and patience for bothering with hair and make-up, by all means, go ahead. Any curly hairstyle is perfect for this presentation. Pin curls are a plus.

Dramatically long lashes and bright red lips. Go for it.

- Chloe

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Swan Lake

We've been planning this little fashion excursion for a while now. Since summer, to be exact. I believe the date was August 9th, 2008. So here we are, October 11th, actually starting our own fashion blog. It's taken us a while, but we've finally gotten around to it. It's exciting. Let's see how it goes, shall we?

On the last Friday of every month, our snazzy little town hosts a "block party". It's a pretty fun time. Most children of the town use the festivities as an excuse to wear tube tops and shorts (as opposed to their T-shirts and shorts combos worn to school.) But we aren't most children. And while everyone else may think a breast-bearing tank and cuttoffs might be the most vixen-like ensemble out there, we agreed that nothing projects sexy, cool, and serious confidence like a tutu.

I know what you're thinking. Who (outside of toddlers and proffessional ballerinas) wears tutus out in public? But think about it. People are likely to notice you wearing a tutu. And they're either going to think "wow. what a crazy!" or "wow. I wish I had the guts to do that!" And as for the first group, I don't really hold their opinion in high regard.

If you're not yet convinced, here are some really well-worn tutu ensembles.

This one was taken from Doesn't she make you want to put on a tutu, pick up a floral umbrella, and go marching about in a grassy field?

This one's not even being worn by anyone. But wouldn't you assume that someone who has a tutu hanging on their clothesline is an interesting specimen of fashion?

So here's how we wore them. Yes, these were from the elementary school era, and yes, they were a bit of a squeeze, (and yes, we had to edit the heck out of them) but I think it was well worth it.

Chloe's tutu getup.

and Amelia's.