Friday, January 30, 2009

The Most Desired

Things that I want are also clothing items. Look who's superficial!

What I want
What I want - by ChloeWarhol on

Starting from the top-left, going clockwise.

I've been wanting a sailor dress forever. I used to have the most adorable sailor dress when I was little, but I obviously grew out of the thing. Ever since, I've been searching every boutique and catalog I can get my hands on in hopes of finding such a lovely dress. I've always fancied nautical-inspired clothes and believe that a sailor dress will be perfect.

Artsy tees and cutesy sweaters. Somethings I will never have enough of. I guess I never really grew out of my little-girl style. Although, come to think of it, I also love matronly attire. Hmm. I'm like Benjamin Button. I should be in a movie. The Curious Case of Chloe Golightly. Instead of an old kid, it would be about a young girl with style of a kindergartener and a Golden Girl. Seems like a box office hit.

UGH. Buddy Holly glasses are the best things ever. They're the perfect mix of dorky and cool. Seriously, don't you think anyone with the confidence to wear outrageously large and thick glasses is awesome? I'd be that confident person, if I only had a pair of these gems.

Ahh, Doc Martens. But not just any old Doc Martens. But FLORAL Doc Martens! Otherwise, the only pair of shoes I'd ever consider shelling out $130 for. I would wear them with everything. I would even wear them by themselves. They're THAT beautiful.

I love skirts. Like, a lot. But I've never found one full and puffy enough. I won't stop until I find one with a knee-length and the consistcy of a tutu (ha!).

Finally, the headband. I consider myself to be quite the flower child. Not only in life, but in the fashion world. I love florals (as the shoes have previously showed you) and find them appealing on any garment. So a simple headband with a huge flower pasted onto it is perfect. LOVE.


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