Friday, March 6, 2009

Every single one of us is twisted by design

If there is anything I hate, it is a fashion slump. Which is what I was especially experiencing this week. Every morning, I just didn't have as much excitement looking for outfits and was throwing on whatever I can find without much attempt at style. They haven't been AWFUL, don't get me wrong. I just wasn't trying as hard.

However, I promised myself that since the grading period was over and I don't have as much to worry about, I would spring back into my previous fashion status. I'll certainly be more interesting from now on.

Two outfits outfits I actually chronicled during the last few weeks:

shirt: CSM/ pants: Gap/ cardigan: Amelia's/ jewelry: inherited

I liked this outfit a lot. It was incredibly comfortable and fit me rather nicely. I also wore it as my own personal sign of rebellion to the weather we had been having. Everyday either lost or raised about ten degrees since the day before. Hence the summer-y blouse and the velvet pants.

shirt: idr/ skirt: thrifted/ cardigan: Amelia's (again)/ shoes: old navy/hairpiece: homemade.

I wore this to Amelia's Shakespeare competition (which she won, the lovely little thespian) and was rather proud of it. That skirt is by far my favorite skirt ever and it goes with everything. And by that, I mean I would wear it with anything just because of how much I love it. (Someone needs to buy their own cardigan. Just sayin'.)


But they are nowhere to be found. I had picked up a supposed tip about overalls, but it turned out to be true. Which is hecking lame, considering how much I looked forward to actually buying some. Send me some overalls, please?

I also want these:

Which I may actually end up buying. They're only twenty dollars and not to mention BEAUTIFUL.

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If You Want to Destroy My Sweater

Then I'll kill you.

I speak for Chloe and myself when I say

This is why:

1. We were involved in an AMAZING production of Titus Andronicus (if you didn't have the pleasure of seeing it, I'm sorry. Twas a beautiful thing. Just imagine the creepiest, most haunting yet exhilarating thing you've ever seen, times 12).
This is what I looked like when I came home from the second performance
This is what you look like after a black guy tricks you into falling into a hole with a dead body and then you get your head cut off because you were wrongfully accused of murdering the emperor's brother.

2. After that, it was just a whirlwind of... high school. If you haven't gone through that yet, I reccomend that you don't. The highest highs bring about the lowest lows, and vice versa. It gets difficult to deal with, and sometimes it makes me feel very grey and cloudy, and just makes me want to swath myself in colorless warmth. I find comfort in my favorite sweater. It's dark grey, cozy, and fits just right. It's a men's sweater, and I purchased it at Goodwill for an English project, then fell madly in love with it.

This outfit brought me pride. That's my photogenic scarf (seriously, I've never taken a bad picture while wearing it) and there's my sweater! Here's a better look at it:

Do you see how jubilant I look? It's all because of the sweater. It's the cosy, knitted equivalent of a hug.

This sweater keeps me stable when I'm feeling like a hurricane inside. The sweater, and these people:My family! Not biologically, but emotionally (for lack of a better word). These, plus a few more, who I wholeheartedly love. I don't know where I'd be without them. They're the people equivallent of my favorite sweater.