Monday, January 26, 2009

The Kid in the Red Jacket, The Red Sweater, The Scarlet Letter...

All of these are the titles of stories in which an article of red clothing was worn as a sign of shame. But this particular red piece of clothing was worn with pride! It's my little red blazer. I bought it at a vintage shop in New Orleans called On the Other Hand (which is a very fun place). The store's owner told me it was made in the 40s, which would make it at least 3 times my age. It's so fun wearing something that has a history.

However, history had taken its toll on this jacket. The lining was practically deteriorating, and has been for some time now. So this weekend, I stictched that up. By hand. Hence the pride part.

Here it is, all patched up!

There used to be a hole there, but now there's not! Because I sewed it!

Here it is on. The fuzzy little black thing may appear to be a family pet, but no. It's a stalker. And please exscuse the bedroom slippers. It was a Sunday, and I rarely get dressed on Sundays. This was actually my first Sunday spent outside of my bedroom in all of 2009. I'm off to a flying start!

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