Monday, January 19, 2009

Nerd Cool

In a sea of adolescent girls trying to look sexy, there's nothing I love quite as much as dressing like my nerdy little self. Who needs a haircut? I DO I DO! I think I look a little like Emma Watson in The Sorcerer's Stone here.
This sweater vest was, like most of my favorite sweater-y pieces, inherited from my Great Grandmother. Here's a nice close-up of it's small hole.

The red and white striped shirt is from my boutique of choice, Goodwill. I bought it two or three years ago, but only started wearing it recently. It adds a little polish to a casual outfit. Here it is as part of one of my favorite ensembles from earlier in the school year:
Sorry I didn't get a better shot. This was taken at a Mu Alpha Theta (math club) event, and because I'm the photographer, I was focused on taking pictures of everyone else. But I like this shirt worn with the paisley scarf.

And yes, this picture was taken outside, at night time. And yes, Chloe is wearing sunglasses in spite of this.
Here are some more beloved, nerdy favorites.
This outfit consisted of a sweater worn over a sweater vest worn over a polo worn over a dress worn over shorts. Several of my friends looked at this and told me they were confused.

This was what I wore on my first day back at school from Christmas break. I'm channeling Ellen Page in Smart People (remember months and months ago when I said I was going to do that?) with the sweater vest-over-turtleneck thing.

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Word Venom said...

GAH! you look sososo pretty in all of these pictures! All of them! stop it!! haha ;)
but seriously love the clothes esp. the sailboat sweater in the last one, i dont own nearly as many perfect sweaters as you! I need to get some more now...