Sunday, January 25, 2009

Saturday Morning Cartoons

Remember the good old days when you would spend the whole school morning waiting until lunch? So you could bite into the peanut butter and jelly sandwich your dad made for you the night before? Or when you would take a homework break for thirty minutes to watch television? The days when your exercise was an intense game of tag and your study sessions consisted of flash cards with spelling words.

Sometimes I don't feel as if those days ever ended for me. I still eat peanut butter for lunch and tag never lost its appeal. However, I do believe that style-wise, I have certainly matured. So what's not to say that my favorite old characters haven't matured, too? Surely they're real, not just cartoons.

Spinelli from Recess.

She was a scrappy spunky Italian that lacked nothing in the way of confidence. And while the combat boots and leather jacket provided intimidation towards the other students, at her older age, she would look rather silly. Don't you think? Time for some steps up!

Spinelli - by ChloeWarhol on

I still tried to keep as much of Spinelli as I could. But maybe with some more fashion influence. Such as the Doc Martens in place of her boots, and the sweater in place of her jacket. The more muted stockings and white hat look less clashy.

Tish Katsufrakis from The Weekenders.

While growing up, I identified with Tish more than any other character. Her love of Shakespeare and string instruments were also shared by me. She was the brainy girl with the dorky style. With cardigans, long skirts, and colorful barrettes. She was also quite fond of the color purple as she wore it with almost every outfit. While I find her style to already be mature and adorable, what would it look like outside of Bahia Bay?

Tish - by ChloeWarhol on

Probably something like this. The blouse is frothy and fluffy enough to reflect her love of dramatics. And the cardigan is just lovely on its own. This is definitely an outfit I would have no trouble wearing.

Thus brings me to my idea. This week I plan on sporting my own version of classic cartoon characters. Hoping I could perhaps do them some justice. I believe Tish will be my first inspiration.

Would you mind joining this fashion challenge?



freddy-may said...

The powerpuff girls' clothes as young women.

Neurotic Octopus said...


I especially like Blossom's.

freddy-may said...

Oh, for sure, she is just rockin'! Her milkshake brings all the boys to her pink room where she shares a bed with her sisters...

This is Amelia, I'm counting on?


Neurotic Octopus said...

Nope! It's Chloe. But Amelia has told me much about you and I enjoy your blog.

freddy-may said...

Oh, cool!