Monday, January 19, 2009

Literary Inspiration

Hair Jewellery, by Margaret Atwood, holds a special place on my list of favorite short stories. It tells the story of a college student with a prediliction for all things lacrymose, and her tragic, unrequited love affair. She tells the story as a flashback, and recalls her experiences in accordance with what she was wearing when they transposed. Due to her financial situation (she is, after all, a starving college student) all of her clothes are purchased at Filene's Basement, a discount store actually located in a basement. Of her most frequented store, the narrator tells us:

Filene's Basement was, in its own way, tragic. No one went there who did not aspire to a shape-change, a transformation, a new life, but the things never did quite fit.

-Margaret Atwood, Hair Jewellery
Two pieces of the narrator's wardrobe that are omnipresent are her oversized black coat and clunky plastic rain boots.

Hair Jewellery

Hair Jewellery by ameliaantoinette

Next are ill-fitted wool and tweed skirts, head scarves, and a sweater with a hole, burned by the cigarette of her object of affection.

Hair Jewellery Pt. 2

Hair Jewellery Pt. 2 by ameliaantoinette

Last but not least, our narrator is rarely without a suitcase and a stack of ninteenth century Gothic novels. She also enjoys a short trist with a red baby doll nightgown with a broken strap...

Hair Jewellery Pt. 3
Hair Jewellery Pt. 3 by ameliaantoinette

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