Saturday, January 31, 2009

After-School Specials

Remember my cartoon challenge? Well, I tired my best to create versions of old characters. I only managed to confidently pull off two outfits, but here they are!

Pepper Ann from Pepper Ann.

The original quirky misfit. Pepper Ann was independent, sarcastic, and rather mellow-dramatic. Her style was something to marvel at, as well.

shirt: old navy/ skirt: old uniform/ leggings: thrifted

And here you have it. Surely not an exact replica of PA's clashing duds, but you get the idea. I like her olive skirt and blue leggings and all, but I had to make my own version. Using my own clothing. I tried to make up for the skirt with the plaid one, and the leggings with polka-dot ones. Since this outfit is a bit tamer, I figured the two patterns could make up for it. I also wore my glasses and made my hair messy. Much like Pepper Ann. Too bad you can't see my converse in this picture. That was the total Pepper Ann accessory!

Courtney Gripling from As Told By Ginger.

To be honest, I never actually liked this show. Sometimes, I only watched it because it was one of the only cartoon shows where the characters didn't wear the same outfit every day. Courtney was the rich girl. She exemplified this through her lavish investments and her clothes.

skirt: gap/ shirt: old navy/ cardigan: thrifted/ jewelery: inherited

And there. Courtney always wore skirts and usually had some sort of cardigan going on. Thus this outfit. We even have the same hairstyle.

I'll probably try this thing again one day. When I don't have to worry about getting-out-of-this-outfit-in-ease-because-of-rehearsal-ability. I promise to do a better job next time. Ha.


Friday, January 30, 2009

The Most Desired

Things that I want are also clothing items. Look who's superficial!

What I want
What I want - by ChloeWarhol on

Starting from the top-left, going clockwise.

I've been wanting a sailor dress forever. I used to have the most adorable sailor dress when I was little, but I obviously grew out of the thing. Ever since, I've been searching every boutique and catalog I can get my hands on in hopes of finding such a lovely dress. I've always fancied nautical-inspired clothes and believe that a sailor dress will be perfect.

Artsy tees and cutesy sweaters. Somethings I will never have enough of. I guess I never really grew out of my little-girl style. Although, come to think of it, I also love matronly attire. Hmm. I'm like Benjamin Button. I should be in a movie. The Curious Case of Chloe Golightly. Instead of an old kid, it would be about a young girl with style of a kindergartener and a Golden Girl. Seems like a box office hit.

UGH. Buddy Holly glasses are the best things ever. They're the perfect mix of dorky and cool. Seriously, don't you think anyone with the confidence to wear outrageously large and thick glasses is awesome? I'd be that confident person, if I only had a pair of these gems.

Ahh, Doc Martens. But not just any old Doc Martens. But FLORAL Doc Martens! Otherwise, the only pair of shoes I'd ever consider shelling out $130 for. I would wear them with everything. I would even wear them by themselves. They're THAT beautiful.

I love skirts. Like, a lot. But I've never found one full and puffy enough. I won't stop until I find one with a knee-length and the consistcy of a tutu (ha!).

Finally, the headband. I consider myself to be quite the flower child. Not only in life, but in the fashion world. I love florals (as the shoes have previously showed you) and find them appealing on any garment. So a simple headband with a huge flower pasted onto it is perfect. LOVE.


Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Things I'm Lusting After

Are material objects. Look who's shallow!

Stuff I want

Stuff I want - by ameliaantoinette on

Let's start in the top-left corner and go clockwise.

The fluffy white jacket. I want a big, obnoxious jacket, covered in feathers, to wear when I want to make a big entrance. I've seen several movies lately in which jackets like these are worn by early 20th century prostitutes (who were quite glamourous, or are depicted that way in movies, at least) and that's probably what got them in my mind. I mean, what screams sexy, dramatic confidence like a big feathery jacket?

Now that I think of it, full-out nudity might be sexy, and would definatly be dramatic, but encouraging nudity kind of defeats the purpose of having a fashion blog...

Next, the cloche. Have you ever noticed that women in the 20s all seemed to have precious little round faces? There's no way that everyone alive in that decade had the same facial structure. So how was this illusion created? I'm pretty sure it was the hats. A cloche covers your face until just above your eyes, creating the illusion that your face is smaller than it is. Not that I don't like my oval-shaped face, but it'd be nice to take a break now and then, and try looking different.

Now, the striped dress. When I was about 10 years old, I had this red and white striped dress that I absolutly adored. I wore it as long as it fit me, and for a little while after that, until I was forced to give it up because I'd reached that awkward all-legs stage, when everything looked far too short on me. The point of all this is to say that I want another dress like that. I love stripes and I want to be covered in them. (Did you ever read A Bad Case of Stripes? It's a children's book that I loved, though it scared me. The lead character, Camilla, comes down with a disease that causes her to be physically covered in patterns. When I said that I wanted to be covered in stripes, I half expected it to happen, and then I remembered this book.)

And the saddle oxfords. They're wonderful. I think that if I had a pair, I'd wear them everywhere, even to bed.

Last of all, the window. I've been wanting a window box for some time now, but my mother is opposed to them for one reason or another. But doesn't opening your window shutters in the morning (because if you have a window box, of COURSE you have working shutters!) and being greeted by your very own collection of blossoms sound appealing? I think so.

Monday, January 26, 2009

The Kid in the Red Jacket, The Red Sweater, The Scarlet Letter...

All of these are the titles of stories in which an article of red clothing was worn as a sign of shame. But this particular red piece of clothing was worn with pride! It's my little red blazer. I bought it at a vintage shop in New Orleans called On the Other Hand (which is a very fun place). The store's owner told me it was made in the 40s, which would make it at least 3 times my age. It's so fun wearing something that has a history.

However, history had taken its toll on this jacket. The lining was practically deteriorating, and has been for some time now. So this weekend, I stictched that up. By hand. Hence the pride part.

Here it is, all patched up!

There used to be a hole there, but now there's not! Because I sewed it!

Here it is on. The fuzzy little black thing may appear to be a family pet, but no. It's a stalker. And please exscuse the bedroom slippers. It was a Sunday, and I rarely get dressed on Sundays. This was actually my first Sunday spent outside of my bedroom in all of 2009. I'm off to a flying start!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Saturday Morning Cartoons

Remember the good old days when you would spend the whole school morning waiting until lunch? So you could bite into the peanut butter and jelly sandwich your dad made for you the night before? Or when you would take a homework break for thirty minutes to watch television? The days when your exercise was an intense game of tag and your study sessions consisted of flash cards with spelling words.

Sometimes I don't feel as if those days ever ended for me. I still eat peanut butter for lunch and tag never lost its appeal. However, I do believe that style-wise, I have certainly matured. So what's not to say that my favorite old characters haven't matured, too? Surely they're real, not just cartoons.

Spinelli from Recess.

She was a scrappy spunky Italian that lacked nothing in the way of confidence. And while the combat boots and leather jacket provided intimidation towards the other students, at her older age, she would look rather silly. Don't you think? Time for some steps up!

Spinelli - by ChloeWarhol on

I still tried to keep as much of Spinelli as I could. But maybe with some more fashion influence. Such as the Doc Martens in place of her boots, and the sweater in place of her jacket. The more muted stockings and white hat look less clashy.

Tish Katsufrakis from The Weekenders.

While growing up, I identified with Tish more than any other character. Her love of Shakespeare and string instruments were also shared by me. She was the brainy girl with the dorky style. With cardigans, long skirts, and colorful barrettes. She was also quite fond of the color purple as she wore it with almost every outfit. While I find her style to already be mature and adorable, what would it look like outside of Bahia Bay?

Tish - by ChloeWarhol on

Probably something like this. The blouse is frothy and fluffy enough to reflect her love of dramatics. And the cardigan is just lovely on its own. This is definitely an outfit I would have no trouble wearing.

Thus brings me to my idea. This week I plan on sporting my own version of classic cartoon characters. Hoping I could perhaps do them some justice. I believe Tish will be my first inspiration.

Would you mind joining this fashion challenge?


Monday, January 19, 2009

Literary Inspiration

Hair Jewellery, by Margaret Atwood, holds a special place on my list of favorite short stories. It tells the story of a college student with a prediliction for all things lacrymose, and her tragic, unrequited love affair. She tells the story as a flashback, and recalls her experiences in accordance with what she was wearing when they transposed. Due to her financial situation (she is, after all, a starving college student) all of her clothes are purchased at Filene's Basement, a discount store actually located in a basement. Of her most frequented store, the narrator tells us:

Filene's Basement was, in its own way, tragic. No one went there who did not aspire to a shape-change, a transformation, a new life, but the things never did quite fit.

-Margaret Atwood, Hair Jewellery
Two pieces of the narrator's wardrobe that are omnipresent are her oversized black coat and clunky plastic rain boots.

Hair Jewellery

Hair Jewellery by ameliaantoinette

Next are ill-fitted wool and tweed skirts, head scarves, and a sweater with a hole, burned by the cigarette of her object of affection.

Hair Jewellery Pt. 2

Hair Jewellery Pt. 2 by ameliaantoinette

Last but not least, our narrator is rarely without a suitcase and a stack of ninteenth century Gothic novels. She also enjoys a short trist with a red baby doll nightgown with a broken strap...

Hair Jewellery Pt. 3
Hair Jewellery Pt. 3 by ameliaantoinette


Once upon a time, there was a little girl who longed for a flapper-style dress more than anything in the world.

One day, while flipping through the pages of Lucky magazine, this little girl learned that her life's dream was for sale at H&M!

Unfortunatly for this little girl, H&M didn't have a location anywhere near her home, AND her parents were dead afraid of purchasing clothes off of the internet.

Then, a lucky twist of fate! The girl had scheduled a trip to New York city, and NYC's H&M was only a few blocks away from her hotel!

You know what happened next. The girl went to New York, rushed to H&M, and purchased her heart's longing, (for less than $40!) and the two lived together in vintage-inspired harmony forever after.


Nerd Cool

In a sea of adolescent girls trying to look sexy, there's nothing I love quite as much as dressing like my nerdy little self. Who needs a haircut? I DO I DO! I think I look a little like Emma Watson in The Sorcerer's Stone here.
This sweater vest was, like most of my favorite sweater-y pieces, inherited from my Great Grandmother. Here's a nice close-up of it's small hole.

The red and white striped shirt is from my boutique of choice, Goodwill. I bought it two or three years ago, but only started wearing it recently. It adds a little polish to a casual outfit. Here it is as part of one of my favorite ensembles from earlier in the school year:
Sorry I didn't get a better shot. This was taken at a Mu Alpha Theta (math club) event, and because I'm the photographer, I was focused on taking pictures of everyone else. But I like this shirt worn with the paisley scarf.

And yes, this picture was taken outside, at night time. And yes, Chloe is wearing sunglasses in spite of this.
Here are some more beloved, nerdy favorites.
This outfit consisted of a sweater worn over a sweater vest worn over a polo worn over a dress worn over shorts. Several of my friends looked at this and told me they were confused.

This was what I wore on my first day back at school from Christmas break. I'm channeling Ellen Page in Smart People (remember months and months ago when I said I was going to do that?) with the sweater vest-over-turtleneck thing.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

"Which road do I take?" she asked

"Where do you want to go?" was his response.

"I don't know," Alice answered.

"Then," said the cat, "it doesn't matter."

Alice in Wonderland is one of the moat imaginative stories I've ever read. Not to mention that the original work is much darker than the popular Disney version we've come to love. I happen to enjoy both of the versions equally as they hold the same queer characters and sticky situations. Say what you will about the authors supposedly dropping acid before getting to work, it was a masterpiece. Even if it was a skewed tale symbolizing the British Parliament.

Although, my views of Alice in Wonderland were temporarily ruined this summer. I portrayed the Cheshire Cat (which in this particular play had two heads), and tried the best I could to not bitch everyday about how different the play was. Sure, we had the Girls of the Golden Afternoon, the frantic White Rabbit, and the finicky Queen of Hearts. But the overall storyline was inane and just incorrect.

But my love has been renewed!

I've been wondering what an unfortunately curious girl would wear on a regular day. Y'know, when she's not chasing rabbits or arguing with snippy doorknobs. So here I have composed my idea of Alice's (or any other precocious girl) outfit. Hold the petticoats and pinafores.

polka dot blouse

flouncy skirtsweater cape

black stockings

vintage saddle shoesfloppy hat

The full skirt offers opportunity for exploration and the comfy saddle shoes ensure she won't hurt her busy feet. The sweater and hat for elegance, of course. An outfit that I, myself, would wear any day. It's too whimsical not to love.


Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Curios Challenge

1. Go watch The Curious Case of Benjamen Button.
2. Choose a character, pay close attention to every single thing they wear throughout the movie, and try to re-create as many of those looks as you can.
3. Trust me, it will be worth it.

This is what I intend to do in the upcoming week, and I hope you will join me. My only problem is trying to choose a character, as there were so many outfits in this movie that really bowled me over. Even the extras! In the scene where Benjamen takes his first trip to a brothel, there's a prostitute in the background, all in white and with beautifully dissheveled hair. I think this is going to be my first Curious Case inspired look. I may not be rocking it out in public, as the outfit doesn't involve any coverage of the lower body, but in the confines of my home, I think it will be luxurious to lounge in.

And a quick question: Would it be child pornography if I posted pictures of myself in such a risque ensemble?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I wore this to school a few weeks ago and was proud of it. People always tell me that the things I wear don't match, but I like the way the colors from completly different ends of the spectrum look together.

Go give this video a viewing. It's only a minute long, and its worth it. It's inspiring both to look at and listen to. Enjoy!