Friday, December 19, 2008

In my good times, there were always golden rocks to throw

Lately, it seems as though my life has been incredibly crazy. I've been finicky with everyone, exams are taking up all of my time, late assignments are causing temporarily terrible grades, and holiday projects are making me nauseated.

But sometimes, all I have to do is put together a nice outfit, and then my mood heightens. I feel happier when I know that I'm wearing something adorable, and it is appreciated by others. I know it sounds incredibly superficial to say that clothes give me hope, but it's my own philosophy and I like it.

skirt: gap/ shirt: thrifted/ scarf: mom's

This was on a Tuesday. I woke up in a bad mood due to a horrible night's sleep and to the fact of an algebra test I was not particularly looking forward to. However, I put on this outfit and I miraculously felt better. I went to school practically skipping and spent the entire day in a very cheery mood. I aced my algebra test, too.

skirt: old uniform/ shirt: gift/ hat: ren fest/ jewelry: inherited & ren fest

I had attempted to actually look pretty this day because I was going to a housewarming party. I think I pulled off the task quite well, don't you? This happens to be my new favorite outfit because a girl in my class told me that I was too fashionable for Louisiana (which I found to be a compliment of the highest caliber).

So maybe I am just a slave to my own clothing and maybe I am totally materialistic. But anything to make you happy, right?


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